Regents Racing is a privately owned members club that serves the needs of trailblazers worldwide.


The heritage of Regents Racing can be traced back to 2011 in Regent’s Park, London, where a team of elite race car drivers gathered together to improve the driving skills of avid motorsport enthusiasts.


Today the club has evolved beyond the circuit and its mission is to serve change makers on a global scale, exploring how the psychology of motorsport pushes an individual to unleash the power within and succeed in all aspects of life. 


We are committed to advancing humanity by connecting a very private and premier network of prolific innovators, business leaders, entrepreneurs, astronauts, athletes and creatives, curating unique transformational events for them.


By strategising with former UK Special Forces and Intelligence Service personnel, we design unique experiences that shift our members mindsets into higher gears, breaking boundaries and testing limits in split seconds.


Events encapsulate things such as blind driving, samurai sword skills, meditation while at 125MPH, resistance to interrogation and networking dinners to name few.


Our events ultimately help our members to transcend and rise above the white noise of life.  An altitude only experienced when you are truly at one with your purpose, passion and core in life. 


Named after a Charlie's Angel, Farah Nanji is a British entrepreneur, journalist and musician committed to driving change around the world through the fusion of the music + automotive industries.

Farah started expressing interest in racing from a young age and dreamed of racing professionally someday. Due to the astronomical cost of racing however, she was never able to pursue the sport in her childhood.


In 2010 at the age of 19, Farah shadowed the founder of Gumball 3000 for a year where she gained the foundations that were crucial in leading her down her own entrepreneurial journey. 


In 2011 she began pursuing Global Business Management at Regent's University. Surrounded by rising stars in the racing industry,  she decided she would launch the concept of a racing club exploring all avenues and senses of motorsport, allowing her to stay as close to the sport as possible.

As a journalist, Farah has been invited to cover key events in the automotive world such as the incredibly unique build of the Batmobile by Team Galag, + is also part of communities like Dare To Be Different, led by ex F1 driver, Susie Wolff. 

Currently Farah serves as the CEO of Regents Racing and in her spare time is a touring musician, recently described by DJ MAG as a 'fast-rising superstar', spinning circles everywhere in the world from Mauritius to Mexico for the last 10 years.

She has also been dubbed as an 'autopreneur' by Channel 4, a word that was especially invented by the broadcaster  to describe her!

farah nanji