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Regents Racing is a private community that accelerates leadership through the exploration of motorsports.


The heritage of Regents Racing can be traced back to 2011 in Regent’s University London where a team of elite race car drivers pursuing championships such as the Dakar Rally and the Blancpain GT Series gathered together to share their passion for racing with fellow enthusiasts in the community.


Today, although we still retain a strong relationship with the University, the club has evolved beyond the campus. Our mission is to serve change-makers on a global scale, exploring how the psychology of motorsport can impact leadership. 


We curate unique transformational events for our community, connecting a very private and premier network of game-changers and future leaders, designing experiences that shift our members' mindsets into higher gears, breaking boundaries, and testing limits in split seconds.

Our events encapsulate things such as blind driving, meditation whilst at 150MPH, panel discussions, flying school, luxury road trips, and more.


Named after a Charlie's Angel, Farah Nanji is a British entrepreneur, journalist, lecturer, podcaster, and DJ committed to driving change around the world through the fusion of the music and motorsport industries.

Farah fell in love with motorsport from a young age, competing in karting throughout her childhood. Just as she was about to make the transition into single-seaters, Farah got diagnosed with Dyspraxia; a developmental coordination delay that affects 5% of the world's population. Determined to stay on the race track, she created her own unique processes to operate in two industries that rely heavily on motor coordination, music, and motorsport. 

Galvanized by the challenges associated with Dyspraxia, Farah is passionate about championing leadership and challenging the status quo, showcasing how perceived weakness can be turned into gifts of innovation and entrepreneurialism through sheer resilience. This is what led her to founding Regents Racing and something she explores in detail in her TEDx Talk in 2019 at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg. 

As a DJ and music producer, she has played for some of the biggest brands in the world from Pacha Destino in Ibiza to Goodwood Festival of Speed and the United Nations in London. She currently holds lecture roles at Regent's University London and Point Blank Music School.

In journalism, Farah has been invited to cover key events in the automotive world such as the incredibly unique build of the Batmobile by Team Galag.


With her podcast, Mission Makers, Farah has interviewed several notable figures from Carl Cox to Catherine Bond Muir, breaking down the mindset and misconceptions of success. Mission Makers is currently in the Top 2% of Podcasts in the World and is available on all podcast platforms as well as her YouTube channel.

farah nanji
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