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Have you ever wondered what it's like to captain your own plane? 

Well now you can! At Regents Racing, we love exploring anything with an engine, after all the greatest of journeys begin with the flick of an ignition!  Whether it sails, flies or drifts, you can catch our members behind the throttle of some of the most exciting machines on the planet. 

This April, we invite you to take to the skies and blaze trails in your very own 4-seater Piper Warrior or Archer, where a team of experienced flying instructors with over 10,000 hours accrued between them, will teach you the basics of flight control and advanced aviation over a 2hr flying experience. 

After an exciting convoy down from Regent's Park to the Elstree Aerodrome, you'll be placed into teams of two, where the day will consist of you and your co-pilot taking full control of the aircraft for an hour each over some of London's most iconic landmarks, from Warner Brother Studios all the way down towards Canary Wharf.


Whether it's your first time or your already an aspiring aviator, you'll be challenged and rated along the way according to your flying ability and your hour will count towards your PPL (Private Pilots License) should you wish to or already be in pursuit of this.

After that, you'll be invited to have dinner with a commercial pilot, where you'll gain insight into the psychology of a pilot and learn more about the ever changing aviation industry, including a chat about how blockchain will impact the future of flying.

The day doesn't end there as you will also receive a private tour of the airfield including the control tower, and watch your fellow comrades take off and land. 


Before the crew takes off, there will also be a signature sky yoga experience, where you will explore the space within yourself, calm the body down and learn how to deal with jet lag for the global nomad in you. 

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